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Since 1981 leading manufacturer of
films for leather, fabric and aluminium.

CFM prints on synthetic fabrics (polyester based) as wide as 320 cm and produces paper for sublimation printing  as wide as 160 cm to meet the needs of customers operating in various markets including: fashion, sportswear, underwear, furnishings, accessories…

The same printing technology can be applied to non-woven-fabric for the creation of banners for sports events, shows, festivals and events and also for medical use.

CFM's production capacity is likely to be able to fulfill orders in a short time even in the typical peak times in the industry.

For a better flexibility, we produce the printed paper, indispensable for sublimation printing, both with digital technology than with traditional technology (rotgravure). This flexibility allows us to choose the most appropriate technology to run and the required timing.

 The printed fabrics may further ennobled by the application of special effects.