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Since 1981 leading manufacturer of
films for leather, fabric and aluminium.

CFM apply total and designed brinatura effect on fabric with a maximum height of 160 cm.

Brinatura effect (frosting) is a process to apply resin to the fabrics. The application of micro-droplets of resin on the fabric, reminiscent of the droplets of frost, is the basis of the process name. It is possible to apply the brinatura effect on the whole surface or with a design.
The brinatura may be the last finishing stage to impart water resistance to a fabric or to apply a drawing with shiny effect or it can be the basis for application of special effects such as lamination with metallized films.
The fabrics treated with the brinatura process may also be over-dyed. You can also over-dye fabrics with frosting combined with lamination.

In this gallery, some fabrics with frosting treatment and application of metallic foil.